I am a senior integrated producer with a strong passion for all forms of visual production. Throughout my career i've worked with agencies, production companies and post-production studios producing a multitude of content for broadcast, social, commercial, corporate, live event visuals, digital out of home and print. A proven production background and business ethic enables me to manage projects successfully from conception, through all stages of production to final delivery. 

I love that I work in a industry with like minded creative people, but it's still business so I make sure I stay focused on key areas of practise: 
  • Ensuring projects are profitable and sustainable.
  • Maintaining strong relationships between clients, creatives, artists and technical practitioners. 
  • Nurturing new talent and supporting a diverse and equal workplace.
After spending a year travelling throughout South and Central America and then working in London with a very talented production studio The Operators Creative as the head of production, I plan to return to Sydney in January 2018 to seek new opportunities and employment. 

Outside of work I manage the blog ‘Music Video Theory’I showcase music videos and feature interviews with the directors and producers. I love hearing about the stories that happen during production and I enjoy that the people I talk to are open and sharing about their film making experiences.

Adam Cantley
Senior Integrated Producer
Mobile UK: +44 7453 804760
Email: adam.cantley@gmail.com
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