I’m Adam, a creatively driven Senior Integrated Producer back in Sydney after a few years abroad. There’s 14 years of production experience behind me, most recently I was head of production at The Operators Creative in London where I managed a very talented team of creative practitioners with a annual revenue of over £1 million. We worked hard, fast and with passion to turn over a large volume of projects we were proud of for global agencies and brands.

I've returned to start a family, and to seek a new work-home. Somewhere to dig my teeth into projects big and small, somewhere I can foster talent, create great work, make profit and maintain strong, happy relationships with clients, creatives, artists and technical partners. 

Let’s chat. 

Adam Cantley
Senior Integrated Producer
Sydney, Australia
Mobile Aust: +61 412 514 420
Email: adam.cantley@gmail.com

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