I have a passion for production and love all forms of visual creation involving digital and traditional mediums. Producing is about creative problem solving, and that’s the challenge I love about my profession.

I've been producing for over ten years and have been involved with production companies, post-production companies and digital agencies. The work I have produced has ranged from TV commercials, broadcast TV, corporate communications, live event visuals, online content, digital and print production.

I’m very hand’s on with my work as I have a solid understanding of production techniques and methods in digital and video production environments. This gives me a great insight into project management from conception all the way through to delivery. I strive to maintain a balanced working relationship with clients, creative and technical partners that I work with, always keeping in mind that projects are delivered on time, on budget and everyone’s having a good time during the process.

Outside of work I run the blog ‘Music Video Theory’. It showcases music videos and features interviews with the directors and producers. I love hearing about the stories that happen during production and I love that the people I talk to are open and sharing about their film making experiences.